martes, 30 de septiembre de 2008

Dos poemas inéditos de Dylan

Son 23, se publicarán en breve en un libro muy especial, la colaboración de escritor y fotógrafo, en torno a estampas de figuras de Hollywood, pero el diario New Yorker ha adelantado un par de poemas inéditos de Bob Dylan, que transcribo a continuación.

after crashin the sportscar
into the chandelier
i ran out t the phone booth
made a call t my wife. she wasnt home.
i panicked. i called up my best friend
but the line was busy
then i went t a party but couldnt find a chair
somebody wiped their feet on me
so i decided t leave
i felt awful. my mouth was puckered.
arms were stickin thru my neck
my stomach was stuffed an bloated
dogs licked my face
people stared at me an said
“what’s wrong with you?”
passin two successful friends of mine
i stopped t talk.
they knew i was feelin bad
an gave me some pills
i went home an began writin
a suicide note
it was then that i saw
that crowd comin down
the street
i really have nothing
marlon brando

death silenced her pool
the day she died
hovered over
her little toy dogs
but left no trace
of itself
at her

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